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Summer Delight

summer delightSome consider summer delight to be a walk in the park with some ice cream in hand. For me, although I do like those delights as well, it is a stroll wearing florals, color, and lots of jewels. This is the quintessential summer look, as it can be worn for just about any occasion and makes for appropriate season attire. I would say it is safe to wear this outfit to a bridal/baby shower, brunch with girlfriends, a daytime birthday party, a date, or simply to feel fabulous at work. You might get a look or two but they will be good ones. My Honey necklace shown above has a chunky chain but that didn't stop me from adding even more pearls and crystals to enhance the sparkle. To top it off, my Pyramid studs are the perfect little pieces to dot your look and not be too overdone. What do you think? Would this outfit make you feel fabulous?

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