December 08, 2017

Festive fun, crowded malls, & lots and lots of last minute gift shopping. It’s safe to say that the holidays are upon us! Here at Charme Silkiner, we wanted to ease that stress by advising you on how to pick the perfect Charme jewel for that perfect someone. Being that Charme Silkiner Jewelry represents timelessness, beauty, & style--- the woman who wears it will encompass the same ideals.

Below are some helpful hints on matching our jewelry to the type of girl you are gifting to :)  


The Dainty Classic Girl: She likes to keep it simple & delicate. She is not too keen on wearing big bulky jewelry around her neck. She likes the kind of subtle sparkle that doesn’t take away from her natural beauty, and only enhances it. A few of our favorites for the Dainty Girl are: 





The All Eyes on Me Girl: She loves to be noticed & can never get enough attention. She likes her style to make a statement and be a conversation piece. There is nothing that is too bold or too daring for her to wear.  A few of our favorites for the All Eyes on Me girl are:

Regina Bracelet | Leora Ring | Gigi Necklace | Amaya Necklace | Clarity Earrings | Presley Necklace | Strike Earrings 



The Trendy Girl: She is always on point with the latest trends in fashion. She knows how to rock any piece of jewelry. She currently loves the layered necklace look because that’s what all her favorite bloggers are wearing. A few of our favorites for the Trendy Girl are:

Jaxon Necklace | Gia Choker | Gigi Necklace | Cammy Earrings | Raiden Necklace | Kiana Choker | Tierra Earrings | Whitney Cuff | Veil Earrings




The Boho Chic Girl: A dreamer and drifter. She loves turquoise and astrological shapes. She is a free spirit that uses accessories as a way to describe her personality. A few of our favorites for the Boho Chic girl are:

Iris Earrings | Elizabeth Bracelet | Emma Necklace | Aion Earrings | Iliah Necklace | Raine Necklace | Ali Earrings | Canvas Cuff | Hanna Earrings 


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