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  • DIY: Color Blocked Baskets
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DIY: Color Blocked Baskets

You know when you see something you love and realize you could make it? That is exactly what happened here. We saw these adorable baskets and just had to have them. But for a fraction of the price. If there is anything you need to know about us here in the CSJ studio, it's that we love a craft that is easy. If it gets too complicated we kinda lose motivation. One thing we will warn you about though, is this project takes t i m e. Read on for all the details.

What You Need:

  • Rope (of a natural / white color)
  • Paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Share scissors
  • Glue gun / glue
  • String
  • A bowl of the similar shape / size you'd like to model your basket after

 After you measure out how much rope you need (we used about 12 yards for a medium sized bowl), section off small parts to paint. This part should be totally random. Make big sections, small sections, use different gaps between them, you get the point. Not gonna lie, this part took well over 4 hours. It's the most time consuming part but totally worth it.

The paint dried pretty quick so by the time we finished painting the entire length of the rope it was good to go. Just make sure that as you're painting the rope has enough space to be spread out. Otherwise it might smudge and get messy.

You'll want to start with a tight, round, coil-like shape to form the base. Use a dab of glue gun to keep everything together. Once that shape is formed you will expand on that until multiple layers have been glued.

After the base is done begin molding the basket into a bowl-like shape. You can use a bowl as an example to help shape it. Use the glue gun for small strips at a time so it doesn't get messy and you can press firmly on the rope as you go. You'll start to see the bowl take share after a few layers have been glued.

We wanted tassels for added cuteness so when we were done wrapping the rope, we made a little loop that we could attach the tassels to.

These baskets reminded us of Greece, which is perfect timing, since the new spring collection is also inspired by the Greek Islands. Don't be surprised if you see us making lots more of these fun baskets!

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    Charme Silkiner

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