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  • Moonlight Drive

Moonlight Drive

moonlightWhen I see this collection it simply exudes luxury to me. Something about the combination of black and gold just fits a fabulous lifestyle. Like the name, Moonlight Drive, this collection holds infinite possibilities when wearing any of the pieces. Whether you wear them as a statement piece or a complementary accessory to an evening gown, the versatility and options are endless. I love the way the pearls drip down the side of the neck in the earrings and the way the stones gently graze the collar bone on the short collars. It's the little things, and details, that make something special to me. Notice that gold bike pictured above? You might not have thought twice about it, but how much more wonderful does a bike ride on gold wheels sound? And how fabulous does sipping champagne among a bevy of pink confections sound? See, it's all in the details. Take a Moonlight Drive with me and let me know what this collection inspires in you.


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