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Weekend Wear

weekend wearWe all spend our weekends differently, but one thing we can all agree on is that you should look fabulous no matter what. If you happen to be spending your next two days in a similar fashion (activity & style wise) then you will most likely find that my proposed Weekend Wear will suit you just fine. Whether it's a night on the town or just Sunday Funday sitting on the couch curled up with good fashion books, you must look fab for those unexpected knocks on your door. Oops, you might be in your Missoni bathrobe but your neck will do all the distracting with the the druzy and sparkle! Hope you like my suggestions. Happy Weekend!

Now, the jewels!

Casual dinner: Bronte necklace // Deco ringlet 

Day in the sun: Colby necklace 

Seaside cocktails: Dolce earrings //  Grant bracelet 

Lounge Day: Carter necklace 


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