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I Do...in my backyard


We've all seen the cheesy backyard wedding depicted in movies and know that is the last place on earth you would want to get married. BUT, do it our way and you might just change your mind. There is something very intimate and personal about exchanging vows on your very own property. Whether it's your parent's house or your own, you have roots (literally) there that represent family more than any other venue could provide. Sure, you might need to kick up the landscaping and touch up the exterior paint on the house, but think of it as killing two birds with one stone. Your (or your parent's) house gets a little facelift and your wedding will be spectacularly breathtaking. Not to mention, the deposit $ you will save alone (on a venue) can go towards that extra fancy cake you've been drooling over.

All joking aside, actually, we aren't joking at all (wink), a backyard wedding can be something that no one will ever forget. You truly have the ability to customize and create everything you've ever dreamed of for your own wedding. To go along with the theme of cozy but stunning, I suggest our collection of druzy pieces that glimmer some color but remain mostly neutral. The texture will contrast the lace in a complementary way, and the bronze tones will pop against your skin. Just like the rest of your wedding, let your jewelry represent a part of you that is only appropriately shared in a homely environment.

This wraps up Wedding Week (for now). We saved the best for last and are now putting together more inspiration for your summer festivities. We love a good laugh (and tear), here at Charme Silkiner, so feel free to share your wedding photos with us. We might just feature you in our next Wedding segment :) Happy Friday!

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