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I Do...on the beach

beach weddingWhether it's Malibu or Maui, there is absolutely nothing to complain about a beach wedding. It is naturally stunning and anything added simply enhances the setting. Our dream beach wedding would consist of a lightweight, flowing gown that is   elegant but understated. The jewels would do most of the talking to balance the simplicity of the dress with lots of crystal, gold, and bursts of turquoise throughout. Maybe even consider wrapping a dainty necklace around your ankle and go barefoot? Are we going too far? It is so easy to get carried away while dreaming up the perfect beach wedding. We will, however, suggest using a shorter necklace as a hair-pieces to complement the rest of your accessories. While on the beach you are demonstrating to your guests that your relationship is relaxed and comfortable, and your style should reflect the same confidence. Allow yourself to be dressed up in a way that is only appropriate for your big day. Cheers to that!

  • beach weddingbridal jewelry

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