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  • I Do...in the Hamptons

I Do...in the Hamptons

hamptons weddingA Hamptons wedding just wreaks glamor! There are so many directions you can take in a Hamptons wedding but our ideal way involves a dock, fireworks, sparklers (the more shiny, bright, glittery things the better), and of course, eye-catching jewels. While you are by the beach, this isn't your typical beach wedding; leave it to the details to exude the sea inspiration--sea glass stones in your bracelet, a hint of color in your earrings (something blue?), and a pop of color on your neck. Just like the Hamptons, your accessorizing can take many different directions and luckily all of them will leave you looking stunning and perfectly adorned. Don't be afraid to don a piece that even has nontraditional coloring. For a wedding like this, you are the trend-setter and your guests will be looking at you to set the tone for what is appropriate.  Give them something to look and talk about by using your bridal jewelry that so perfectly depicts the whole theme of your wedding...anything goes!

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