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Date Night Essentials

Not only is it Friday, it's a long holiday weekend! For those who relish each weekend day (and night) like we do, you will need some jewels to get you through the next three days. I would typically recommend picking one area of the body to focus on--neck, ears, arms, you get it--and go big. However, there are certain exceptions (like fun warm-weather holidays) that allow us to adorn our bodies head to toe. The Daybreak collection has the type of pieces that make it nearly impossible to pick just one, and how unfair, anyway, to be limited to just ONE piece?! To give you a little idea of what I'm talking about, peek the collection on our site...I promise it won't disappoint you. Now tell me, which pieces would you pick?

I'll leave you with this little style tip. While I love and encourage you to drip in jewels for your big date night(s), keep your attire simple. A nice pair of skinny jeans and a white top will not only look classy, it will allow you to showcase your jewelry and let it do all the talking! Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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