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DIY Painted Bottles

Jewelry storage is one of those things you absolutely need but sometimes can't figure out. You want it to be visually pleasing but it can turn messy and cluttered really fast! When we came across the Martha Stewart painted bottle aisle in the craft store it was an instant "aha" moment. After drinking countless iced coffees, teas, kambucha, and wine (duh!), we busted out the goo gone to remove the labels and got to the fun stuff. Follow along below for the instructions to achieve this fun and easy jewelry storage that doubles as home decor, too!

What you need:

  • Emptied, goo-goned bottles of any size 
  • Bottle paint (we like the Martha Stewart ones)
  • Stencils with netting 
  • Scissors
  • Paint sponges
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Acetone or nail polish remover

After you have removed the label using goo-gone, take the nail polish remover to erase any expiration dates or black "stamps" found on the bottle. You will want to wash your bottles well and then rub them down with rubbing alcohol. 

Cut the stencil you like most and place it carefully without any wrinkles over the bottle. 

Dab your stencil with the bottle paint and push into the bottle. You may want to go over it a second time but do so immediately after the first coat. Remove stencil immediately after the paint is dabbed on, as the stencil will remove the paint if it begins to dry.


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