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  • 10 Things That Happened in the Making of Palm Canyon
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10 Things That Happened in the Making of Palm Canyon

You never really know how much hard work, mistakes, laughter, and learning experiences you will run into when filming or shooting anything. There is always that unexpected twist that at the time seems like "the end of the world" but later is comical. Now that the making of Palm Canyon (our new Spring 2015 collection) is in the past, we can sit back, relax, and laugh at all the mishaps during the making of what was probably our most fun video / lookbook to date. Keep reading to find out 10 secret things that happened on that 2-day glorious shoot! 

        1. We changed hotel rooms 3 times until we were satisfied with the view of the pool and the color of the walls...(the hotel is super colorful and we didn't want the least fun color!). 
        2. It took over 25 takes to get the opening shot of the girls walking down the hall because everyone kept laughing and looking directly into the camera (a faux pas in film!).
        3. The entire wardrobe was pulled from Show Me Your Mumu's latest collection hitting stores this summer. We were also lucky to use some vintage Emilio Pucci, Missoni, & Tom Ford for some of the head scarves, turbans, and sunnies. 
        4. It took over 4 hours of footage to produce the 3-minute mini movie we released. 
        5. We got lost just about each time we headed to our room for an outfit change, and ended up on opposite ends of the hotel more times than we want to admit. 
        6. The videographer was really loving the colors all around the hotel and had us sneak onto the balconies of other people's rooms to shoot. Bonus points to anyone who can spot that scene in the video! 
        7. When it came time to shoot around the pool, the girls felt extremely embarrassed with a camera-man following them and all the hotel guests staring so they consumed the entire bottle of champagne in under 10 minutes. It's safe to say they were pretty drunk by the end of the film.
        8. When filming finally wrapped the crew ate dinner at 5:00PM and were in bed by 6:30PM. 
        9. The next day when we were set to shoot the lookbook images, our photographer had cancelled and our intern got extremely sick and was rushed to the hospital. Luckily the mini movie was filmed with a RED camera (Google it...it's pretty nuts!), so we were able to pull still shots from the film that were super high quality. 
        10. It was a very 1960's vibe that day and so the girls often stopped to pose in a Valley of the Dolls way (see photo above on the bed). They also took countless selfies of the beautiful make-up work of our glam queen (Smudge Beauty), and a picture of the day's theme song "Twilite Speedball" by Mos Def. Bing! 
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