Holiday Gift Wrapping Guide #CraftWithCharme

December 02, 2014

It is always around this time of year, as I'm wrapping holiday gifts, that I wish I had given gift wrapping more creative thought. I'm sure we all see the same fabulous ideas in our Pinterest feed that we aspire to one day make, but it is a whole other thing to actually do it! This year I have decided to get an early start on my gift wrapping to allow plenty of creative juices to flow--enough to make all my gifts look just as fab as on Pinterest. Since jewelry boxes tend to be on the smaller side and can get lost among all the larger gifts under the tree, here are some creative ways to have your smaller gifts POP! 

You will most likely need to make a quick trip to your local crafting supply store and possibly the fabric store, but I promise once you're done looking through these wrapping ideas you will be merrily on your way! These ideas require absolutely NO previous crafting abilities and are sure to make the receiver swoon! Happy wrapping, everyone! 


Bohemian Holiday:

- Burlap or linen paper

-Burlap twine

-Thick paper in shades of blue (or your colors of choice)

 Tip: Draw the feathers on the colored paper before cutting them out. Bend the feather "hairs" to give a more natural look and group together. 



Rustic Christmas:

-Butcher paper

-Gold chevron paper

-Fabric of choice

-Burlap twine 

-Fake frosted greenery

Tip: Buy a larger "branch" of frosted greenery in the holiday decor sections instead of finding smaller greenry to tuck into the ribbon. That way you can make your piece as little or big as you like. 



Neon Cheer:

-Neon twine

-Black + white paper

Tip: Print free black and white paper on Pinterest. There's tons of fun prints that you can also use all year long! 


Golden Gift:

-Textured white paper 

-Gold glitter ribbon 

Tip: If you have a difficult time finding textured paper, use wallpaper! It goes a long way, too. 


Shabby Chic Christmas:


-Floral fabric 

-Fake rosebuds 

Tip: Use a glue gun to secure fabric and lace. Also, embrace the raw edges of the floral fabric! 

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