Charme's Gift Guide

November 27, 2013

You spend what feels like an eternity shopping for the perfect gifts for those on your list, and sometimes you just cannot find something special. This year I have put together suggestions for that girl who loves fashion and jewelry (duh!), yet has her own distinct style. I hope you enjoy what I have assembled for you and find something that will be perfect for every lady in your life. Happy Holidays everyone!

For the Girly Girl: 1. Grace Knuckle Rings 2. Amor Necklace 3. Dolce Earrings 4. Initial Earrings 5. Kelsi Bracelet 6. Gage Bracelet 7. Cami Rings 8. Amor Necklace 9. Dash Necklace 10. Amor Necklace

For the Free Spirit: 1. Eden Rings 2. Roth Necklace 3. Lana Bracelet 4. Carter Necklace 5. Cruz Necklace 6. Bellamy Necklace 7. Court Bracelet 8. Dani Bracelet 9. Slate Bracelet 10. Elena Ring 11. Brae Ring 12. Parker Earrings 13. Roth Earrings

oFor the Fashionista: 1. Ayla Rings 2. Splash Bracelets 3. Camilla Ring 4. Shae Necklace & Soren Necklace 5. Lyric Necklace 6. Cary Bracelet 7. Kristel Bracelet 8. Pyramid Studs 9. Presley Bracelet 10. Key To My Heart Bracelet 11. Suki Bracelet 12. Deco Ringlet

For the Classic Beauty: 1. Adela Necklace 2. Camila Ring 3. Vida Bracelet 4. Happy Bracelet 5. Milne Earrings 6. Creed Bracelet 7. Suri Bracelet 8. Kelly Bracelet set 9. Vera Bracelet 10. Lila Bracelet 11. Grace Knuckle Rings 12. Love You Bracelet

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